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Powder Coating applied to the highest standards


  • Salt Spray: Minimum 1000 hours BS3900F4
  • Specific Gravity: Varies - According to colour and type
  • Impact Resistance: Excellent pass 100 inch pounds BS3900E3
  • Scratch Resistance: BS3900E2 Normally 4kg load pass.
  • Humidity: Minimum 1000 hours BS3900F2


Unless otherwise specified all of our galvanised steel output complies with BS EN 13438 (previously BS 6497) and Aluminium to BS 6496. The minimum average coating required is 60 microns. It is our practice to target and achieve an average coating thickness of 80 microns.

Our Quality Control System is registered in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2000.


Operational life of Powder Coating varies greatly and can be significantly affected by the environment to which it is exposed. Experience shows that a marine environment is one of the most demanding. We therefore require some additional information prior to accepting orders for coating likely to be exposed to these conditions.

Under normal circumstances warrantees of up to ten years or more are available subject to the following conditions:

  • Warranty requirements are made known to us prior to our acceptance of the order
  • All relevant details of the proposed location and function of the installation are provided to support warrantee requests
  • Galvanised material must be of an appropriate standard and finish with no evidence of over fettling
  • The material received for coating is of a good quality and free from all corrosion and contamination
  • Any damage to the powder coating must be repaired in accordance with our published "Remedial Method Statement" within fourteen days of occurance
  • A maintenance programme must be established and maintained in accordance with our published "Maintenance Procedure"

Maintenance Procedure

The powders used by Aspect Powder Coatings Limited are organic in nature and as such require regular maintenance. The purpose of maintenance is to enhance the protective qualities and the decorative characteristics of the powder coated material, while maximising the service life.

You can obtain a copy of the Maintenance Procedure by contacting us

Remedial Method Statement

Prior to attempting a repair to the powder coating, please ensure you contact us for a copy of our Remedial Method Statement